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Thread: Tascam 688 -Channel 1 plays thru mix even when the fader is down-HELP!

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    Tascam 688 -Channel 1 plays thru mix even when the fader is down-HELP!

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    Thanks everyone for participating on this forums. I have learned a lot over time but this is my first post. I hope to find help...

    So, I have had a Tascam 388 for years and lately it started to have problems.

    I am trying to mix a track down thu GROUP 1-2 as I usually do but for some reason a lot sound from track 1 leaks into the mix. I have the CUE MONITOR, ALL AUXs and DUALs down, plus all the faders for the individual tracks. As soon as I raise the volume for the MASTER fader 1/L-2/R track 1 can be heard even when the fader is all the way down!!!

    It's driving me nuts. I have been looking all over the board for the last couple of days to see if I can find where the sound is coming from and I have no clue. It is impossible to mix this way.

    Has anybody dealt with something like this before?

    Please let me know if you can help.


    Juan P

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    I do not work on these anymore but the Fader take a signal in hot at one end and then the slide is the output and if the ground end of the fader is unsoldered, broken or dirt isolating the wiper it will not ground out the signal allowing it to remain. Clean fader with Fader Lub and then chck if the brown substrate section of the fader has a crack in it. If it doe s then a new part will be required. This comes from dropping item on the faders- they are not made to take a lot of abuse.
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    Skywave Tape Deck Repair, Chicago area

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