I just picked one up today in great condition. The problem Im having is when I'm playing back a 2-trk tape, I can always hear tracks 3/4 playing backwards (at a very low level) even if the channels are set to 'off'. It also happens on tracks 1/2. To summarize, if Im playing back a 2 channel tape program, and I have all faders completely down and all channels turned off you can still hear all 4 tracks playing at a very low level (over the headphones). The reason I bought it is to digitize a bunch of 2-trk and 4-trk tapes. I'd really like to keep it, but with this channel bleed it is unusable for the purpose. Any ideas?

PS - all of the effect/cue sends are down. Line Out is set to L-R. Effect/Cue is set to Off