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Thread: TASCAM 2488 Neo Error Code 04 SDRAM Initialize Error

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    TASCAM 2488 Neo Error Code 04 SDRAM Initialize Error

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    I turned my 2488 Neo on today and during the process of booting up the unit, I had a Device Error screen pop up. It read Code 04 SDRAM Initialize Error. I have an older unit, but I've never had any trouble with it until now. Is this something as simple as a loose plug or pin inside the unit, or is this a major issue? If any others have had this occur, I would be curious to know what they found to be the problem. I'm afraid I'm going to lose my data on the hard drive and I'm even more afraid of taking it to an "Authorized Service Center" after my last experience with my Macbook Pro and an "Authorized Apple Service Dealer" I would love to be able to do this myself- Let me know what I can do guys... Thank You. - Jason

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