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Thread: Tascam 414 MKII repair help

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    Tascam 414 MKII repair help

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    Hi there. I was cleaning out storage today and came across our old Tascam 414MKII. I thought Id clean it off and mess around with it, however when I turned it on and tried to use it with a tape it made an awful noise. It makes the noise when its empty as well. Tapes play but not properly and it gets all jumbled up inside the cassette. Im used to repairing computers do I thought maybe Id have a go at fixing this up if possible. I opened it up and I can tel this thing has taken a bit of a beating between moves. The last time it was used was probably a little over a year ago. Id attach some video of the issue but my account is new so I dont think I can yet. Any advice or tips would be appreciated. Thanks!

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    Hey Nt192

    Sorry to hear about your 414 problems. I used this company earlier this year to have my 424 mk3 repaired. Did a great job. Ask for Russ.

    I'm new around here too so the forum will not let me post a link. Google "New Jersey Factory Service"


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