An FYI for users of the US16x08.

When I fired my system up yesterday, the Tascam software found a new driver release. According to the attached release notes, they combined the driver and mixer software. Once the new version was installed, I immediately ran into problems with Reaper. This was still v 5.973 which had been working perfectly. With the new drivers, I was unable to even access the preferences, and several option menu items. Reaper would just close. Updating to v 3.974 didn't do anything to remedy the problem

Checking error logs, it showed an NTDLL.DLL issue along with Reaper. The NTDLL file is fine, no updates since January.

After reverting back to driver version 2.12, everything is back to working fine. Preferences come up and the ASIO drivers can be set up.

This has been reported to Tascam. Information is located here on the Tascam forum.

It has been reported with other programs, Samplitude, Cubase, Adobe, etc.

US-16x08 new 3.0 drivers systematically crash reaper5.974 | TASCAM Forums

Tascam has posted the following:

We are currently working on the issues between DAW applications and the Settings Panel Software V3.00. DAW applications would stop working correctly after being assigned with 9 or more inputs using the Settings Panel Software V3.00. No issues have been found when working with up to 8 inputs, but if you plan to use more than 9 inputs, please uninstall Settings Panel Software V3.00 and re-install Settings Panel Software V2.12. We deeply apologize for the inconvenience.