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Thread: Service Manuel

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    Service Manuel

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    Hey I was able to figure out why my Porta studio 2 HS was not Rewinding or fast fowarding. The Band needs to be replaced. I have ordered, but was wondering does anyone have a service manuel or link that might help me

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    Here are a couple of links which might help. I have often stripped down stuff with no workshop manual sometimes by necessity the trick is how you strip down and build stuff back up. Use a clear table when you unscrew stuff lay them round the recorder like you would an exploded diagram and in order that they were removed so when you rebuild you know which screws and parts to get, if you do not have a good memory take pictures as you strip down with your digital camera or mobile. I do not think it would be hard to replace the belt.

    creacog Blog Archive resurrected my tascam porta 05

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