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Thread: Need home recording equipment advice. Recording drums with 2488neo

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    Need home recording equipment advice. Recording drums with 2488neo

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    Just picked up a used 2488neo and ready to record my drums.
    My equipment list is basically:
    8 mics, all specific to the job such as AT-350 for the snare, SM-52 for the bass, Audix D3 for toms, etc.
    Mogami gold mic cables for each.
    DBX compressor/limiter
    Alesis Midiverb4

    My questions are, and pardon my novice level here, Ive drummed for 30 years and even spent a few sessions in real studios at times, but this is my first run at home recording:

    Should I pick up an 8 channel mixer to run all the mics into so I can adjust some eq levels and apply the rack effects I have?

    IF so, do I need a powered mixer, or would I run dry from the separate mixer into the Tascam?

    If not, can I run my rack effects through the Tascam? How do I go about chaining these up?

    Thanks so much for any advice.

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    your better getting a pre mixer and run an amp to that ... stared with this a mixer with 4 sub mixes... and hook your FX to it... also easier if your recording a band.. then plugging everything into your 2488,
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