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Thread: MX2424SE ..... Recording ...... but, no audio recorded ?

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    MX2424SE ..... Recording ...... but, no audio recorded ?

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    disc low leveled formatted and initialized
    projected created
    auto input on mode
    project in TL-Tape Mode
    tape start at 1 hour
    tape length 10 min
    track level meter on track 1
    sound from mixing board is visible on track meter
    record/select button engaged
    i press the track meter button again on track one - the red record ready indicator blinks
    i hit hold the play button down for a couple of second ..... the hit the record button
    the red indicator light on channel stops blinking and stays red as does the light below the record button
    i hit stop button after recording 20 seconds or so ......... then double hit rewind to go back to beginning.
    i hit play and ???? ...... no visible audio on track meter ....... no audio playing back through mixer ??
    i am using a mic into mixer input for recording ...... then using same input for the mx2424 playback.
    My thinking is that i should see recorded audio on the track 1 meter after recording upon playback whether
    it goes back into the mixer or not.
    stumped i am !!!
    dusty bowl

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    It should not matter, but try holding record then press the play button.

    Have you got MX View on a computer connected to the Machine? I am thinking that the rewind is for some reason going past the recorded part. If you had MX view you can see it on the screen.

    Another thing is that the project start point is only really set when you actually record something at 1hr position, if for some reason the machine is at 1hr and 1min the audio will be at the 1hr 1 min point. You could be either side of the recording you made?


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