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Thread: MX2424 Mix Mode.. Two Decks. Also: Why mix proj. Playback is TOO HOT!?

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    MX2424 Mix Mode.. Two Decks. Also: Why mix proj. Playback is TOO HOT!?

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    Hi, maybe Alan (?) can answer here, hope all is well, out in Aus, Alan..

    I was very happy to discover, quite a while back, that Version 3.12 (and some earlier versions) are capable of a MIX MODE..

    I multi-track in 24 bit, and the dither feature available in MIX MODE is a god send.. GENIUS. Dither down to 16 bit within the same machine! Love it.

    My problem: After creating a two-track mix, the MIX MODE project playback hits my analogue console WAY hotter than the playback track meters on the MX2424 are indicating. And WAY too hot for a normal "listen and copy session"

    I can't remember for sure, if it was the SPDIF to the CD Recorder that was the problem, or if it was the analogue outs from the MX2424 to the console.. But whichever it was, it was hitting the CD Recorder too hot, and also the console, too hot. Not quite red-lining, but hotter than it went INTO the MIX MODE tracks.. And hotter than the MIX MODE tracks would be indicating.. Strange.

    I finally gave up on the MIX MODE function, but I want to try again.. Any ideas why this strange playback issue?

    ALSO, Alan; Do you know if I can send the MIX MODE stereo (analogue) outs, from my console to a second MX2424, rather than the source MX2424 ? (I'd use channels 1&2 on the second MX)

    Thanks so much man, hoping you're still around the forum here, and all is good.

    Dan- Monterey California (City of Marina now, since I moved locally)
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