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Thread: MP3 upload to DP 24 sd

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    MP3 upload to DP 24 sd

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    Hi, just wondering before I purchase a 24 sd if you can upload a pre recorded MP3 track to one of the tracks ? via the SD card input maybe ?

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    No. The Tascam DP-24/32SD deal in .wav files only. You cannot load an mp3 file. However - I have converted mp3's to .wav format and loaded that - and that solves the problem. You can also "play" an mp3 into the DP and record it in real time.

    The DP's have a very easy-to-use utility (called "Audio Depot") for transferring .wav files back and forth. It's a snap.

    If you do end up purchasing the Tascam DP-24SD - I *HIGHLY* recommend that you go view the Phil Tipping tutorial videos which can be found at youtube. You will have most operational questions answered after watching these. The Tascam user forum is also a great resource for DP users - you'll find me and several other experts there - including Phil Tipping.

    (and be sure to upgrade the firmware after you purchase)

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