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Thread: looking for tascam 520 power supply

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    looking for tascam 520 power supply

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    Hey I need a rack mount power supply for a tascam 520 mixing console. I beleive its' called a 520s.

    I'm selling the board but need to find a power supply first.


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    Arrow The Tascam PS-520!!

    ... is a hard-to-find item, on it's own. I've seen only one auctioned off by itself, in the last 3 or 4 years.

    Late last year, I bought an M520, and it came with the board & supply, but no umbilical power cable!! That's now "project gear" that has seen no use or utility, and will remain boxed up in the garage, until further notice, or until I get it together enough to fabricate the 20 pin power cable, myself!

    It also came less [21] 2p jumper plugs, that I've collated a bunch of 6" RCA patch cables, to replace. All-in-all, it was a misrepresented Ebay ripoff, but I successfully did a charge back against Visa and Paypal, and ended up getting the whole mess for net-zero! That's the only good part of this story.

    Good luck getting your supply, dude!

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