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Thread: Input for Tascam 34 - MM20 or M30 ?

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    Input for Tascam 34 - MM20 or M30 ?

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    Hello, I recently aquired the Tascam 34 (not the B version) and think about what equipment to use for feeding it.
    I was looking around on the internet and it seems the desired option was this bunch of devices
    MM-20 (mixer)
    EX-20 (channel expander)
    PE-20 (Parametric EQ)
    MB-20 (Meter bridge)

    The question I have is - would the M30 do the same work?
    It would be much easier to have one piece instead of four.

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    I think the M30 would be a better solution than the modular series, although they are quaint and not a terrible choice. I think you get more bang for your buck with the M30, and it's a compact, one-piece solution. The M30 gives you a lot in trimmed down format. The modular series give you a truly open flexibility, and could be fun as an auxiliary mixer. Depending on the prices involved, it might swing either way. The M30 should be affordable.
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