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Thread: DP 24....Neo vent.

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    DP 24....Neo vent.

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    Hi to all......
    Hope this post is in the right place .
    I have just bought a tascam dp 24 sd.
    I own a neo vent effects pedal .what i would like to do is use the effects send....return
    To enable me to use the neo vent or another effects pedals across the tracks as i please.
    Could some kind soul tell me in detail exactly how I do this please,not done this before.
    I do not wish to just plug things in and hope.
    The other pedal I have is a Zoom g1 guitar multi effects pedal.
    I thought it might be useful to learn this technique so any help
    would be appreciated.
    thanks in advance .

    Tyros3 .

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    - 1/4" TS cable from the DP24 Effects Send 1 into the IN/R MONO of the Neo Instruments Ventilator.
    - Two 1/4" TS cables connected from the Neo Instruments Ventilator OUT/R and OUT/L into two channels of the DP24 setup as a stereo pair.

    Unless you want to record a dry signal and add/play with effects later, my preference would be to just run the guitar into either of those effects and record the stereo outs on two channels of the DP24, but knowing how to use effects sends is good to know

    My method of learning through life has been plugging things and hoping. Has worked most times and only blown something up once or twice. One time was playing around with a transformer like below and the transformer failed violently. Your DP24 shouldn't do anything like this .

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    Thank you very much indeed for your help.I am going to try that .and see how I get on
    The neo vent is such a good pedal I would not like to be without one.
    I mainly record a kind of Hammond organ sound using the vent.
    Beats buying a Hammond LOL.
    Its also good for guitar .
    Thanks again buddy.
    will let you know how I get on.

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