Hello my wonderful and ever-so-helpful friends,

I finally sent my DP-24 to be reviewed and repaired (just before the warranty expired!). The result was that, in fact, there were some real problems concerning the buttons in general and specifically the location marks. Back to work, I was delighted to find everything working - perfectly!

Nonetheless, for a certain project I needed to use the CD function, and to my great surprise, it didn't function anymore!
Here's my hastily noted report: 24 September, 2016
CD FUNCTION doesn't function!
The pop-up opens then I push on the CD tray open button F3 the reel-to-reel goes turning around, and around, etc.. after 3 or 4 minutes i get ERROR Not Continued*. Next: I tried with a different SD CARD - same results. I shut down, tried again, waited a day, tried again, but every time I got:

* "If any of these errors occur…..continue to appear, please contact a TEAC Service Center."

Is there something I can do, I mean is this a typical problem that can be solved just by pushing 2 or 3 buttons while at the same time standing on my head, or something like that?

Thank you so much for helping me be able to keep the machine at home for awhile :- ))