I used to own a DP 004 and when I wanted more than 4 parts in my recordings (brass ensemble stuff) I'd just bounce to free up some tracks. Well, my old pocket studio bit the dust so I recently purchased a DP 006. The Tascam website says "Up to six tracks recording" and I'm thinking, "cool maybe now I won't have to bounce as much.
But after much fiddling around, I have not been able to figure out how to record a 5th and 6th individual track independent from the rest on the same song. I understand how to switch tracks 3 and 4 to and from stereo and mono. But using the standard procedure to record a track (arm a track, press record then play at the same time at the designated starting point for the recording) doesn't allow me to record a 5th or 6th track, regardless of mono or stereo on tracks 3 and 4. I'm assuming that if it's possible to record a 5th and 6th track it would be done on tracks 3 and/or 4. But how to do it without overwriting what's already on tracks 3 and 4? Any help?

Thanks in advance