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Thread: Can you use a Tascam RC 848 remote for a DA 38

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    Cool Can you use a Tascam RC 848 remote for a DA 38

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    Hi all;

    I'm new to the group. I got a question. Is there any Tascam Da 38 users using the Tascam Rc-848 remote to record tracks from outside to control room?

    On e-bay "The Reel Man" sent me a link! Thanks I was to late to bid on the RC-808 unit one user said he has to turn off his ID's on his other units to use the remote to record into those 8 tracks on that Da 38 ?

    Any feedback on that.

    I e-mailed the seller on the Tascam RC-848 and he said that not all the function work and he said he wouldn't recommend I bid on the RC 848 but there was another Tascam RC-848 seller that said they were compatable ?

    Was their one unit made after the other?

    I want to know from a true Tascam eng what works and what doesn't before I put in a bid.


    Nick Fitzwater

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    According to the DA38 manual, available here , both the RC808 and RC848 can be used to remotely control the deck's functions.

    The RC808 does only one deck and the RC848 can operate 3 decks at the same time for those sync-ing up multiple DA38s to gain more recording tracks.
    For those who only have one machine and plan on keeping it that way, the RC808 is the proper choice. If you have 2 or more machines synced together, the RC848 is the correct unit to purchase.

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