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Thread: 424 sounds vague

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    Hi there!
    I recently bought a Tascam 424 MKII, and itís great! I only have a few problems:
    ∑ When I try to get my guitar on tape it will sound real vague, as if the sound of the guitar comes from another room. I have a Sennheiser mic wich I place in front of the speaker of my Marshall Valvestate amp. I already tried placing the mic in other positions, or turning up the sound level, which leads only to more fuzz.
    ∑ When I want to record a keyboard thereís this big fuzz I canít get out.
    ∑ I have a Zoom 1010 multi-effects processor I would like to record, but when I connect it to the Tascam it will alter the sounds just like itís supposed to do, but it wonít record the altered sounds, just the clean ones. For instance, when I want to record my guitar with Chorus, it will sound like a guitar with chorus when I record it, but when I play the recorded track back you will only hear clean sounds.

    The first problem is my biggest one, can anyone help me out? Thanks!

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    Where are your TASCAM gain settings set?
    Trim, Channel and Master?

    And on this Zoom 1010 processor- where are you monitoring the output while you record?

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