not sure if here or the newbies section was the right choice. my band and i are new to this. normaly with the tascam(Portastudio 424mkIII ) we record drums(3-4 tracks), mix it down another tape. now we record the guitar- we play the mixed drum tape through a stereo, headphone out of stereo to one track on the tascam, while the tascam records that one track it records the guitar. ect ect till everyone does their tracks. i know we lose sound quality every time we mix down to tape like that. i really don't want to spend much money to do what i want, if i can, we need better mic's and stuff as it is. i want to record the drums, 3-4 tracks simutanously, then shoot that to a pc , then do guitar, ect. ect, and then mix it with cakewalk , burn disc.

do i basicly just need a sound card with a set of rca's, mix the drums first then shoot it to the pc, in stereo ? will the quality of the sound card affect this process? what are my possibilities, cheap way out, the right way, the easiest? be carefull, i'm a newbie. i just want to save the sound i'm losing when mixing down everytime to get more tracks, then burn cd. the drums are really the problem cause they need(in my eyes)all of the tracks all at once. am i making sense?- lol

thanks in advance