I used to be on the forum that is no longer. Hadn't been on it for years.
Then I found this one, which I've reviewed every page of and read lots of posts pertaining to the 2488 I've had for around ten years.

Started recording in the 60s on mother's reel to reel (Revere??).
Figured out how to hold the mic to my toy drumset bass drum to get reverb/echo on vocals.

In the 70s, taped a Sony mono cassette deck up under the piano to get levels somewhat even with the Ludwig Vistalites I was bashing right next to the baby grand.

By the 80s was taking boom box on stage to record gigs (nasty).

Finally got a Yamaha 4 track cassette recorder, then a Roland VS840 (still have it).
Picked up an 840 with a SD drive along the way (1 gig memory) and a VS1680.
About ten years ago, bought a used 2488 which died but was replaced with another used unit from same store.

Always liked the 2488 but never mastered some of its essential functions. Tired of investing in the learning curve after the Rolands? Maybe.
The unit started getting funky - keys not working well. Then a glass of chardonnay was spilled on it (Spill The Wine?).
Sent it to Teac a couple of months ago.
New control board, repaired a dead input - works like new.
In the meantime, decided to address my lack of knowledge (started reading this forum).

Have been using it for a few weeks now and it's great.
I really like the machine.
May be old but it works well for what it does. I enjoy it.

My main recording scene is a friend's studio with 80s vintage Ludwigs.
I use two Octavas overhead and D112 on the bass.
All run through ART Tubepac preamp/compressors, driven relatively hot with threshold set just enough to take a little off the top.
Then into Peavey Kosmos Ms for subharmonic enhancement.
Then into the 2488.
I typically mic the guitarist's early 60s 6 watt tube amp with a 57, also into a Tubepac but I prefer to use a DI and split his signal to get the clean Tele sound - he uses way too much distortion (on everything) for my taste.

I get a hell of a nice sound through the pres. My drum mix is what I'd call "live", not close mic'd, try to record as a whole instrument, not single sound sources, except to boost the bass signal with the 112. I hit pretty hard. I use marching band sticks which are the biggest I can find. Lots of attack.

Maybe I can help answer questions about the 2488 (basic ones).
I know it's old, like I said, but I think they are a great machine, still.