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Thread: Travis's Cubase LE Tutorial

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    Quote Originally Posted by TravisinFlorida
    .......almost forgot. Before you hit playback on the transport to hear what you recorded, turn off the track's input monitoring.

    Or use "When Record Enabled" monitoring (set in Preferences - VST - Auto Monitoring) so that when you record enable a track or punch-in the monitoring comes on and off automatically.

    Or use "Tape Machine Style" which monitors during recording and stop but not during playback.

    If these features exist in LE's preferences. Not sure... I use SX

    Good stuff Travis.
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    direct monitoring is kind of messy, software wise. in my opinion, it should be handled in cubase but it isn't. when you enable direct monitoring in cubase le, monitoring inputs thru cubase is disabled. it doesn't matter if the monitoring button is checked or not (the track monitor buttons don't work when direct monitoring is enabled). use your sound card's mixer application to monitor the inputs.

    ignore what i said before. i must have been drunk.

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