I have tried running fruity loops 6 xxl as a VST inside of the latest version of Cubase SX 3, and I have also tried rewiring FL6 into Cubase. I am having all kinds of synchronization issues, either way.

When I press "Play" or "Record" from the zero time position in Cubase, Cubase plays through a bar and a half, and then suddenly the beat from in fruity starts playing, not synced up with the timing of Cubase at all... Fruity plays the beat at the Cubase tempo, but Rewire and Fruity are not in sync.

Another problem is that the little light that follows the tempo under the drum machine buttons in Fruity is off time from the timing of the audio coming out of the speakers, and from the visual representation of the drum machine in Fruity. This problem is intermittant (comes and goes... not sure about conditions that cause it, sometimes rebooting the computer fixes this, sometimes it doesn't).

I've tried adjusting the buffer, and I've tried adjusting the "Time Offset" setting that becomes available when you run Fruity as a VST, but none of this alters the problem.

How can I get the timing of this back on? Is it hopeless, do these programs just not sync together?