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Thread: Sustain Pedal Problem

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    Sustain Pedal Problem

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    Hey guys, I've been using nuendo for some time, but now recently been using midi and I've been having a problem. I have assigned a midi track to Ivory as a vst. Whenver I play back, it plays back wonderfully. But my problem has been when I need to convert it to an audio track for mixing. The sustain pedal parts will not convert to the audio. It will play back as the way I need it to sound, but when I mix it down, no luck. The way I'm getting midi to audio is by muting off all the other channels and doing a mixdown. Maybe you guys are familiar with another way, but that's the best way I could come up with. Can anyone help out?

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    Up until recently for some reason it stopped working. But all I did was mute all the channels like you said exept and empty audio and your MIDI of course. Then just record. For some reason it stopped working for me. Cubase has always been a pain in the ass for me, good luck.

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