Hey all. I haven't posted in a while recently had a baby and beginninng to get in to bass pedal design / building.

Anyway I am starting to write and record my own music again and this got me to using some old templates that I had set up and I quickly moved on from and this to add some new techniques and ideas that I learned but this got me thinking. I can't be the only person to have set up my own templates so would you share your common things you do that have made you create a recording or mixing template?

Example from me is for drums. My recording tracks are always as below
1 kick in
2 kick sub
3 snare top
4 snare bottom
5 Tom 1 (mic from below)
6 Tom 2 (mic from below)
7 oh (over hi hat)
8 oh (over ride)
9 ride mic
10 centre kit mic

My mix tracks add the below.

Kick, snare and toms are fed to a parallel comp.

Snare is always sent to a parallel distortion type track with some comp and thickness type processing.

I always create a sample track for kick snare and Tom's and this to add any character that I want / miss.

Centre kit mic is always sent to my behringer bass pod to run a very heavily distorted and comped track to add so livelyness to the drums.

Because of this I have set up a template to reflect this. Don't get me wrong it is not a fixed process or set and forget type thing. Just things I always find myself starting with.

What do you guys have set up / common things you find yourself doing? Would love to hear and discuss ideas and workflows you have.