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Thread: questions about the Steinberg UR44 and Cubase AI

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    I just checked at, so "straight from the horse's mouth" as they say. There are a *lot* of documents and revisions, but here's what I found in a quick search. (Paraphrased, feel free to do your own search to confirm!)

    USB 2.0 cable lengths are not to exceed 4.5m (about 14.5ft) with a standard A and mini-B connector. Micro series connectors reduce that to 2.0m (about 6.5ft).

    USB 3.0 (and 3.1) says there isn't a cable length max, but that it's the electrical specs that must be met, so I suppose in outer space a really long cable might be used, but probably sticking to the USB 2.0 lengths is not going to get you in trouble.
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    Quote Originally Posted by View Post
    I thought the spec was 15' max, but maybe that's just USB 3.0.
    Quote Originally Posted by jimmys69 View Post
    Pretty sure USB 2 is a max of 10 feet. I am not sure myself of the needs/demands for longer cable as I only have 6' between mt PC and interfaces. All USB 3.0 now.
    I believe that the USB 3.0 spec is 3m (10 ft) and the USB 2.0 spec in theory is 4.5m (13.5 ft.) but in practice USB 2.0 does not work well beyond 3m (10 ft.).

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