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Thread: Problem with MIDI recording: QuickControls not recorded

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    Question Problem with MIDI recording: QuickControls not recorded

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    Hi folks!

    Up front: i am a cubase newbie and haven't worked much with MIDI either, so take it easy on me

    I use Cubase 5.1 and the M-Audio Oxgen 25 as a MIDI controller on a Windows 10 computer. I can use the controller to access sounds in MIDI and instrument tracks (i.e. the synthesizer Prologue). The pitch-bend-wheel, the modulation wheel and the C1-control are detected by Cubase and matched with the according functions (for C1 thats a certain modulation parameter in the synth). I matched the other knobs on my MIDI controller to the Quick Controls to gain access to live modulation during a recording. When I start the recording Cubase detects and records every note on/off event and every continuous event, I can also hear all the modulation I do. But when I stop and listen to the recording, only the originally detected controllers (pitch bend, modulation wheel and C1) are actually on the recording.

    Does anybody know what to do with this?

    All the best!

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    Two things - are you sure they're not being recorded? Double check in the list editor to make sure if it's a simple filter that's preventing them being recorded, or they ARE being recorded but something is stopping them reaching the destination. Cubase 5.1 was well known for having badly cracked MIDI implementation, and some features never worked properly as the patch linked out some features or made the thing crash when you tried them.

    Frankly Cubase 5 is ancient by today's Cubase features - many people just laugh when people are still using it as it was so widely cracked, Steinberg did very little to fix it.

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