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Thread: INTEL or AMD ?

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    INTEL or AMD ?

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    I know years ago Steinberg recommended using Intel processors for Windows based machines. Does anyone know if that's still true ? Anyone have any issues either way ? I'm currently running a Intel Quad core but wanna upgrade to an eight core, I'm thinking i7. Which are pretty reasonable to buy right now.

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    It's an interesting time to choose a processor in 2019. AMD has made huge advances in the last few years, and they've finally pushed Intel to advance their own technologies in order to compete.

    I don't know if Cubase has any dependencies upon specific Intel architecture, so my perspective is kind of an outsider's point of view.

    I think that with this summer's release of the 3rd generation Ryzen chips, it's a hands-down win for AMD. They offer higher core count at (finally) competitive per-core clock speeds, all at a lower cost than Intel. The Zen 3 architecture is really promising.

    I'm still using a 1st gen Ryzen 7 for an audio/video workstation and I really love it. I'm probably going to jump on the 3rd gen bandwagon once they're released this summer.

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