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Thread: Ghost audio in my song!

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    Ghost audio in my song!

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    I'm recording a song in Cubase and I am using several audio files of news bulletins. I was playing around with one to add delay at the end of the clip. I was using the write automation to try and manually write in when the delay began. In the end I wasn't happy with the delay and deleted the whole track. Now, bizarrely, whenever I play the song the delay still plays even though there is no track for it. Really odd! I then listened to the section (about 10 seconds) with every track solo'd for the 10 seconds to see whether somehow the sound had made it onto each track - to no avail. I then but every track on solo together and then it didn't play. But when everything was unmuted the audio was still there.

    I have absolutely no idea why it's there and no idea how to get rid of it. Any help would be much appreciated!

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    I once recorded a practice session with 3 other guys in my studio. Playing it back after everyone left , there were voices responding to questions in the song , and responding to guitar licks. We always sat in a circle facing each other while we played and none of us were doing it. Now this was some "ghost audio" that never got resolved. Maybe yours will be..

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    Not familiar with CuBase but in Logic the aux/busses don't show up in the track view (though they do in the "desk" pane if shown). Maybe one of those has something?

    If it's chewing up too much time just create a new project and import the tracks with FX and I'd expect it to go away.

    P.S. One plugin I'm aware of (Melodyne) actually creates a copy of the track and that gets fed to the master bus, regardless of any edits you make to the underlying track, unless you rescan/read the track in Melodyne. Had me scratching my head the first time that happened. Maybe there are other FX/plugins like that.
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