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Thread: Cubase highjacks audio HELP PLEASE

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    Cubase highjacks audio HELP PLEASE

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    HI I wonder if anyone else has had this problem and what they did about it?

    Cubase hijacks the audio and wont let any other device play audio, even though it looks like its playing...on VLC player for eg.

    Ive used "release driver when in the background" on Cubase but this makes no difference. Anyway I dont normally need to use it ...other players normally play fine when cubase is open

    Even when I shut Cubase down it still seems to have a grip on the drivers and no other player will play.

    I uninstalled Rubix 22 and re installed it and everything worked fine for a while, then just reverted back to the problem

    Any help would be appreciated...... Its driving me crazy !!
    Many thanks

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    This won't help, but Cubase 10pro on my PC, and the versions before don't do this - any of my apps plays happily with no switching with my Tascam?

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