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Thread: Cubase EDM Template / Project

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    Cubase EDM Template / Project

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    Cubase Template for Electronic music production

    FREE Download available at:

    This Template includes;
    - Instrument and FX Channels
    - Automations
    - Midi Elements and Plugin Settigs
    - created with Stock and 3rd Party Plugins

    for Cubase 8/9/10

    more Templates coming soon...

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    Thanks for this - I really appreciated my browser opening up so many advertising spam windows and the "download zip file" actually trying to open more windows. At this point I zapped the entire process. If you want people to download a file - great, provide a safe link. Linking to a youtube video that then provides a dodgy link is bad form, even if there is a viable cubase file somewhere in there. The minute my browser starts opening windows on it's own, over and over again is the end for me! I realise you want to make money - but I won't be clicking on any of your links again. I have no idea if it's just over enthusiastic advertising popups, but that doesn't matter - I certainly won't try it on my windows machines.

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