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Thread: Cubase can remotely!

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    Cool Cubase can remotely!

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    Hi people, who live music life!

    I believe, that you will find this post useful and it will save you quite some time if you happen to end up in the similar problem situation as I was.

    I was abroad to work on a project, but forgot to take the eLicenser to the Cubase PRO package, which I own. The software was crucial, and I could not complete the task without it. The deadline was extremely tight, so I started searching for some kind of workaround. I could not get it by mail because of the time.

    My project partner told me that there is software that can which redirect USB devices over the network, so I started to look in that direction. The solution was found relatively fast, as I stumbled upon FlexiHub. I decided to give it a try since it came with a decent trial period which should have been enough to finish my job. And I must say that it worked like a charm! The eLicenser was plugged into my PC at home and I was able to connect to it thousands of miles away from there! As a result, the job was done in time and without any additional cost.

    Thanks for attention
    and good luck!

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    Nice, I would have never thought of that. Did you still need the driver installed in the pc you had?
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