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Thread: Recoding bass

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    Recoding bass

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    I am trying to get a good old 50s deep bass .i have been going thru a Boss DEB-7 pedal with all the low end right down then straight into a channel for recording,and then eq it again in the channel to fatten it up some more with the on board equaliser Problem is, the second dose of ex takes me into the red which makes me think it can't be done, or can it.

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    You may be recording too hot to begin with, or you may be adding an unnecessary amount of boost with EQ. Can you put the un-EQd raw track or sample clip in a Dropbox and share it?

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    What guitar, Pups & strings are you using?

    I'll be going for that sound on another project - I have a new set of flat wound La Bella Deep Talkin' Bass strings (.052 .073 .095 .110) to put on when that comes.

    I just installed an EMG GZR P-J kit in my Yamaha RBX-170Y and these new La Bella strings ought to go a long way towards getting those deeper sounds.
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    Don't forget psycho acoustics- your ears will hear the lower frequency content louder that it actually is when you accentuate the harmonics rather than the fundamental and since the higher freq need less "energy" to sound louder you can record at a decent level without too much compression/limiting and to the ear(especially in a mix)adding some harmonic distortion and/or some other "harmonic enhancement" will end up sounding better and deeper than a whole bunch of low freq information.
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