Hi Guys,

I'm hoping to get some tips on using the BR800 to record my 4 piece band to create some simple (and cheap!) promo stuff for Facebook etc, to help with getting gigs etc.
We are: Roland TD6 kit,Yamaha keys,and Bass and Guitar and Vox.
We don't have a studio-just a rehearsal room and were hoping to get something reasonable from it.

I thought that I should be able to record the TD6,Bass,Guitar and Keys straight in- (DI'd) into the BR800 and record everything live doing a non recorded guide vocal.
Then record the vocals over the resulting "backing" track.
We also have Yahama MGP1X6 desk which may or may not be useful in this process??

Think I might be being a bit naive here,so can anyone offer any advise or thoughts on this before I start??

I'd be very grateful for your help!!