I posted this same message on the Cakewalk Forum. I think my problem is related to a setting on the Roland GR-30. Help!
I am trying to record multiple tracks into cakewalk using the GR-30 as the sound source.
On the GR-30 I have set the channel select to 1.P and on cakewalk to channel 1. The
recording works fine. Next I would like to record another track. I set the GR-30 to 2.P
and cakewalk to channel 2. When I do this cakewalk will not play track 1 while recording on track 2. It seens like the GR-30 will only handle one track patch at a time. I hope this isn't so. I would like to be able to record multiple tracks while still hearing the tracks that I have already recorded. Does anyone know how to do this?