Hi all, new to the forum, because I can for the life of me not find an answer to my question online and am throwing this out as a hail mary.

So I recently got a BR-600, and the first thing I did was read the majority of the manual, which most of went over my head. The basic operations of it are simple enough, and I've recorded some stuff and mucked around with effects and mixing with no issues.

BUT I'm having an issue where rhythm sounds on the pads for sticks, kick drum, and snare are all triggered super quietly. I've mucked around with the pad velocity, thinking that there might of been an issue with that, and set it so that it is not velocity sensitive and just triggers at full volume no matter how hard you hit it, but to no avail. But things got weirder when I played the preset rhythm patterns and noticed that even on all the preset patterns that the kick drums, snares, and sticks were super quiet.

So I guess my question is does someone know of some sort of setting where you can individually set the volume of the rhythm parts? I have looked through the manual, I've taken a dive into all the menus I could find, I have completely initialised the device settings several times, but to no avail.

It's not a deal breaker on the device for me, as I can just use my SP-404 to make drums as I always have, but this issue is just bugging the hell out of me and I feel like I can't move forward and just make music without sorting this out.

Any help would be much appreciated!!