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Thread: Is it worth my checking out Pro Tools?

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    As another member pointed out, if you are really serious and aiming to enter the 'pro' arena, then really Pro Tools is worth the expense. It is heavily used in many commercial recording studios.

    But do not let your 'dreams' cloud reality. What is it you are aiming to achieve?
    You said you write/record as a hobby, there in itself is probably your answer - Pro Tools is really going to be an expense you cannot viably justify. I am in the same boat as you, although I am not a musician, nor am I a commercially operating recording studio.

    Whilst I enjoy doing mixes of downloadable multi-tracks, my main use for a DAW is for creating/recording sound effects and for video (audio) post work. Now and then I may record a solo artist or a very compact duo, I am not set-up as a recording studio, as such sound isolation is a big problem for me. Not sound getting out, sound coming in! Cow and horse sounds, plus the mongrel cat going off tap now and then isn't everyone's idea of a 'bonus' sample'

    The reason I am responding is, because last night I downloaded Reaper, as I was well and truly over Audition crashing at every turn and edit. After hearing about Reaper so much, I thought it can't hurt to have a look. You can download it, fully functional for 60 days - plenty enough time to run some mixes through it and road-test it. I did a quick mix tonight using it, it cut's Auditions grass - and eats it too!

    For $60 USD it is certainly very affordable. Comes with a good range of plugins etc out of the box.
    It is also highly configurable as well. There are tons of add-on's for it - all for free from the main site.

    So it is bye bye Audition for me, and hello Reaper from them...

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