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Thread: What are your favorite Pro tools stock plugins?

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    What are your favorite Pro tools stock plugins?

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    I just wanted to post this question here because I own pro tools version 8 and I only use the stock plugins available there while mixing songs. I would love to hear from other Pro Tools users here about what stock plugins they like the most and which is their least favorite (especially in terms of sound) and why. Thanks!

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    I use their dyn3 compressor quite a lot.
    It's simple, the visual is nice enough, and it sounds fine for a lot of stuff.
    D-verb gets an outing once in a while although I generally go for waves r-verb first.
    I think, most often, I use D-verb where I want something to stand out a bit, rather than blend in, like an instrument solo.

    I use lo-fi quite a bit with distortion + saturation < 5...Maybe on a bass instrument that just sounds too clean.
    I can't remember if I use their de-esser or waves.

    There's nothing wrong with their eqs either - I've used them where sessions sharing/compatibility was important,
    but for sessions on my own I'm more familiar and comfortable with waves req + q series.
    It's not really a sound thing - Just a case of being more familiar with one UI over another.
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