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Thread: Recording Bit Rate Sample Rate question

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    Recording Bit Rate Sample Rate question

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    Hello, Im doing a long distance recording session and need to know if what I am recording is compatible with Pro Tools 8.

    If I recorded some of my parts at 44.1 khz then converted it to a wav file to email it to the guy with Pro-Tools 8, will that cause any problems or major quality issues?

    Is this something that will be audible to the listener once it is put on a CD?

    If say 10 songs are at 88.2 kHz and the 11th one is at 44.1, is there any big issues here for mastering purposes to put them all together?

    This is just a clean guitar plugged straight into the board with some effects on it with some vocals, no drums, or bass.

    Thanks, I hope I supplied enough info

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    with sample rate, i would very very strongly doubt it.

    Technically you wont run into issues, cos protools will automatically convert the imported files to match the session settings.

    Sound wise, i really can't imaging someone's gonna pick out the difference.
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    Pedantic point: you're talking about sample rate, not bit rate.

    More general point: there are a number of threads, and quite a few posts, on the subject of sample rate, which you can peruse at your leisure.

    More specific point: in your situation, I wouldn't worry about it:
    - Conversion shouldn't be a problem, should you want to take your 44.1k track and import it into a project with other tracks recorded at 88.2k.
    - If you record this particular song at 44.1k, that shouldn't be a problem either. Any mastering engineer who can't deal with receiving 10 songs at 88.2k and one at 44.1k shouldn't be a mastering engineer.
    - There might (or might not) be a very subtle difference between what your track sounds like as you've recorded it (at 44.1k) and what it would sound like if you had recorded it at 88.2k. The key phrase here is "very subtle:" likely somewhere in the neighborhood of "can't tell the difference" and "doesn't really matter anyway."

    The last paragraph is a matter of opinion, and may have some religious implications.

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