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Thread: Pro Tools Scattering My Audio Files to Different Folders

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    Pro Tools Scattering My Audio Files to Different Folders

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    I've been trying to find a solution to this maddening thing Pro Tools is doing, and would like to hear what this forum has to offer.

    Pro Tools has been randomly selecting audio clip files in my projects to store in a folder outside the project folder, on my root directory, a folder it creates for itself, named "Pro Tools Projects". I stumbled upon this folder a couple of weeks ago and, because I had been relocating a bunch of PT files, assumed it to be stray files and deleted it. Over the following two weeks, multiple projects I opened were missing critical audio files, requiring me to re-record & rebuild these projects (see attached image to see the randomness of what I'm confronted with). I couldn't figure out why it was happening, then discovered PT has been storing half my newly generated files in the current project folder, and sending the other half to the folder it creates on my root directory, which I inadvertently deleted.

    What insanity is behind Pro Tools sabotaging my projects this way? What on earth is going on with this program? It's doing this despite the Round Robin feature being turned off, and despite my specifically setting the disk allocation in each project to save files in that projects's folder.

    I'm using the latest version of Pro Tools, 2018.7.0, subscription based.
    I'm on a 27" iMac, late 2015 issue, 32gb of RAM, 2TB fusion drive.
    I have all my projects on this internal drive.
    Round Robin (a dumb idea in the first place, IMHO) is turned off.
    Disk allocation is set to save all files to each project's folder.

    Any help would, literally, save my projects and sanity from a repeat of this disaster.


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    I don't use a Mac, but also run latest pro tools and after setting up my project folder have never had any issues saving files.

    Bit obvious, but have you raised this with Pro Tools? their customer service is really fast.

    Good luck.

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