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Thread: Guitar Midi Controller?

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    Guitar Midi Controller?

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    So, I found a way to create a midi track from an audio track in melodyne. But, I saw a video tutorial regarding actually recording a guitar into a midi track by using VST. Which I have no idea what that is.

    Here's my question. Is there a way I can have the guitar playing on one track, and have the signal being sent to a midi record track below it?

    I might not be explaining it correctly. Here's a video of a guy using Reaper doing it. The Method starts at 2:20.

    Can I do this in Pro Tools 6? If so, how? Thanks.

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    You buy the MIDI guitar VST plugin from Jam Origin, insert it on a recorded guitartrack then add & use a VST instrument in your DAW.

    Pro Tools, also needs a VST - RTAS (PTLE 6 native plug in format) wrapper, FX Expansion made a version, there might be others. I'm not sure if there was any RTAS instruments in PTLE 6 or 7 from memory though?

    You might need a more up to date DAW to run the Jam Origin MIDI guitar plug in & some VST's so check specs before you make a decision.

    Maybe just download Reaper DAW for the free 60 day optional time period. Is that the DAW the guy is using in the demo? Then you can try the MIDI guitar Jam Origin demo.

    FXpansion - VST to RTAS Adapter v2

    Products – Jam Origin
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