I have an oooold Fostex X-26 that I use to record from pc to tape. The power supply fried a long time ago so now I use the one that powers my pc speakers to run it. The voltage is correct but I'm not sure about the amps. I have also attempted to use it to record a few live bands. Here's the problem,
(I don't have an outboard compressor by the way.)
When I go in from pc speaker out, I can manage a fairly hot signal before clipping. When recording a live situation, I have to set the input gain to an almost nonexistent low level or else the sound repeatedly drops out on playback. I have tried many cheap and a few decent (sm57 etc.) mics. I have also watched the audio meters and even though they are far from redlining, I still get this apparent clipping.
Is this cause I suck, cause the 4 track sucks, or could it have something to do with my makeshift power supply?