Wayyyy back in the early 80's, our band used our own sound system which entailed lugging huge horn cabs as well as mixer, mics, boxes and cables all up and down the coast. More and more, we got gigs where the house had their own setup but I preferred to feed them a stage mix, so I replaced our system with my relatively new Fostex Model 450 mixer, which I had bought for my then new home bedroom studio. This worked great for about a year.

Then one night getting home from playing a club in Washington, D.C. just a couple of blocks from the White House, I was too tired to unload my car at 2:30 AM so I took my bass in and left the rest till morning. About an hour later, local police were knocking on my door - said my car was broken into. They led me outside and the driver's window was smashed.. my 450 was gone but they left all the cables and boxes. Home insurance paid the replacement value and I put that toward a new 688 Midi Studio which stayed at home - no outings.

That's when I got a rack-mount guitar processor for my bass when gigging, and we all just used the house systems from then on.

I almost got a Fostex 16-track R/R, but went with a Tascam 38 to match my buddy's setup.

I gotta say.. that 450 was easy and fun to use. I see there are still quite a few for sale on the internet. Get one in good condition for $100-$150 and
you've got a great mixer for little dollars.