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Thread: MR8 and click tracks

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    Question MR8 and click tracks

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    I'm TOTALLY new at this and am trying to work the bugs out as I go. There's probably a very easy solution to this dilemma, but for whatever reason I can't figure it out. Hope someone out there can "get" what I'm saying here.

    I'm using a click track on my MR8. The song I'm currently working on is in 2/4 and has no intro, except my vocal is a pickup on the upbeat of 2, which leads to the first guitar stroke (on the downbeat of 1 of the next measure). I need to have the click track as a guide to know when to start singing. But I'm using a condenser mic, which is picking up the click track through my headphones! I'm thinking I should be able to program the MR8 to where the click track gives me a lead and then silences right before I come in. But I can't figure out how to do that through the manual.

    Can any of you techno-geniuses out there tell me how to do this?

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    Not sure if it will automatically cut out, but you could record a scratch click track with just the amount of measures needed and then silence when the vox start in...?
    With the click recorded on one of the tracks, you can turn off the MR8 metronome...

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    I would go with what BentRabbit said. If you can't record a separate click (you'll need something outboard to do this, the click in the MR-8 isn't recorded to the tracks), then you may have to settle for trying to edit the click out of your vocal, which could be a pain.

    Something else you may try is to lower the volume of the click on the MR-8 so that you can still hear it, but the mic won't pick it up as much. It will make it easier to edit it out (a decent noisegate can do it).
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