I just recently started developing a home studio. I've got guitars, base, drums, mics, effects, keyboard, etc. Until recently, I've been playing either with someone else or solo.

I purchased a FD-4 w/ 250 Zip and thought I was in heaven for a short while until the 4 track limitation was becoming annoying. I saw a sale on the VR800 and jumped on it. I just recieved it today and am anxious to start experimenting. I can't do it tonight because I didn't purchase any interface cables.

The question I have is:
I have been mixing down to sterio out (analog) and saving songs on the computer in wave format. In order to utilize the additional tracks of the VR800, should I move the Zip Drive to the VR800 and connect the FD-4 to the VR800 with the optical cables. Will this allow me to continue to transfer music to the computer through the RCA plugs on the FD-4? Or will I have to purchase another storage device for the new piece of hardware (the VR800)?

Any guidance will be greatly appreciated. By tomorrow evening I will have some spdif cables and some MIDI cables. I also have an E-MU Creation Studio sound card on my computer in case anyone would like to discuss optional data transfer schemes.


I found a great deal on a 20.4 Gig internal hard drive (I think it was great, $114.11) and dropped it into the VR-800. I've got MIDI cables and S/P DIF cables. I've noticed that I don't have the connection on the FD-4 to hook up the co-axial cable for transmitting the commands which will restrict the options for communication between the two units.

I haven't been able to do as much as I had hoped, the wife got sick and the 2 year old twins have been wearing me down. The wife is getting over her illness and I should be able to jump on it again.

To recap: I've got a FD-4 with a 250 Meg Zip Drive and a VR-800 with a 20.4 Gig internal hard drive.

Since I am playing by myself, if I can record one track at a time plugging into the FD-4 and recording on the VR-800, and able to listen to the tracks on the VR-800 as I am recording the new track, I will be content. (At least for the time being).

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