i have actualy 2 questions 1.i owne a fostex dmt-8vl digital multitracker i only use it to record vocals then i run the master output into my mackie,problem is when i playback the vocals i recorded i get a humming sound (only on playback).i know its not the board. #2.i searched for a while for a back up drive for my fostex dmt-8vl as soon as i read that i could change its hard drive until i finally called fostex and they told me theres no way that i can connect a jaz drive or any type of drive that would let me remove the disk and load and reload tracks that i have recorded.so would you possibly know if there is some other way i could do this with my fostex dmt-8vl?,because i looked at the yamaha-md8 and saw that it has that capability.i was going to sell the fostex and pay the difference on the yamaha-md8 but every where i went they only were willing to pay under $400.00......so if ya can please help? thanx