Can someone tell me how to bounce tracks on the Fostex xr-7? Is 3 3/4 speed (pitch control not avail. in this mode) better than
speeding the normal speed up with pitch, i cant really tell. Can this machine go through the VCR if i read about it? CAN ANYONE
SEND ME A MANUAL....please..thank you. Im havin fun, i just want to find out how to use the whole thing. , my friends got auidio/ video ins on the back of his deck, 2L, 2R theres only 2 RCA stereo (and 3 momo) out on the multitrack, doi need splitters to go to the deck? Will any hiss (not to bad on
my machine) go away it the mixed down tapes were mastered??? Thanks so much for the answers, it really has helped me get going, i would have liked to get a better did notpermit..oh well, all in good fun!!