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Thread: SSD EX and Logic Studio 9 troubles

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    SSD EX and Logic Studio 9 troubles

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    Hi all. After a lot of debating, I decided to pull the trigger and buy Logic Studio - WOW was that a good buy! This thing is AMAZING. I'm having a blast with it so far.

    Here's my problem. I bought SSD EX for use with this and my V-drums (TD-4KX2 kit). As a standalone, the Steven Slate Drums and Kontakt 3 are very, very awesome. I really dig it. I followed the SSD manual's directions on how to discretely route the drums into Logic, and have been completely and utterly unsuccessful so far. I have made absolutely sure that I'm doing every single stinkin' little step correctly, and it still won't work. Based upon a few posts on the SSD Forums, it does seem as though others are experiencing the same problem, but I've yet to find a solution to it. I can only get the initial stereo plugin track to get input from Kontakt, and even then it does everything, not just the kick like it's supposed to do.

    Any solutions/pointers? I'm getting a bit aggravated that they won't route themselves... hopefully someone can point me in the right direction. And yes, I've RTFM

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    Are you having trouble getting the hi-hat to trigger open and close, cause i noticed that with the td4 when using addictive drums. i had fixed it by assigning different midi notes in the td4's module. it shouldnt be too crazy cause its midi input, just make sure the that is SSD if the kick is a c4 note for example, make sure your kick on the module is also a C4. save a preset and you'll be done. with programs like these, its great that you have multiple "channels" for each drum, but it can get pretty freakin hairy, so it helps if everything is following the same midi information. hope that helps bro!
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