There was a discussion started over at the VO-BB not long ago discussing remote options for various recording software, and I thought it might be useful to the users of this forum to repost some of the topics as they might apply to those who often are wearing many hats at once (performer, engineer, etc.)! Any of us who might, from time to time, have our recording rig set up in one part of the room and record in another (or another room entirely), might find this helpful.

Specifically for Logic & Logic Express users, there is support for the Apple remote to play / stop / ff / rw / select track / record. The + / - keys are used to select tracks and the Menu key defaults to record. The other buttons are programmed as you would expect.

So that’s great if you’re across the room. But what if you can’t see your computer from your booth? Well…

For iPhone users on a home wifi network, the iPhone (or iPod touch) can also be used as a wireless remote control. Far Out Labs now supports the Logic platform in addition to ProTools with the ProRemote app for iPhone. In a nutshell, ProRemote turns the iPhone or iPod touch into a mini-mixer view of Logic, complete with track arm / mute / solo, faders, and individual channel meters. The catch? It’s expensive (the full-blown version is $100), although there’s a “light” version that only controls 8 channels for $36.

Who knows what’s next… I’m having some fun with the new Keynote Remote app, so perhaps Apple with produce a native Logic remote app with similar functionality. Thoughts?