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Thread: Problems with Logic Remote

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    Problems with Logic Remote

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    I use logic remote. It is a really cool feature. I link my iphone to the macbook pro and am able to hit start and stop record etc while I am sitting at the drum set on the pother side of the room from my DAW.

    The dang thing worked properly for about a week. Then it stopped linking up and I was using a work-around where I create a network with my laptop and connect to it with my iphone. That's OK, but it's just one more unnecessary step I'd prefer to eliminate. I'd much rather start up the ap and just go, rather than having to take computer offline just to track. Logic remote says it should work if both devices are on the same network. -That's not happening for me.

    Anyone have the solution to this? Thanks!
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    I've had to kill the remote app on ipad and restart it to get it working again. And/or restart logic and occasionally kill the logic midi daemon (you can find it in system monitor but I don't remember the exact name).

    I also couldn't get my phone to pair with logic if I've also got my ipad paired with it. Beyond that it should just work, might be worth going to the store and asking one of the "geniuses" about it.

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    Was it solved?

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