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Thread: logic/ cue mix output question

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    logic/ cue mix output question

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    hey guys, i am using the presonus firepod, and wanted to know how to make use of the cue mix output in logic pro 8, in order to get different headphone mixes. presonus says that this cue mix output is put on their devices to get separate headphone mixes.

    my monitors are plugged into the main outs 1 and 2, and my headphone amp is plugged into the cue-mix output.

    thanks in advance if you can help me out, i would really like to get two mixes going so the drums and bass can hear the click while the singers and guitar players don't have to! haha!

    what i really need to know is what to set my outputs to, because the available outputs are 3-4, which is used for something else. i can move my headphone amp to another set of outputs, but i want to use the cue mix!
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