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Thread: Creating & Sharing Templates in Logic / Logic Express

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    Creating & Sharing Templates in Logic / Logic Express

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    Here's how to set up a template for "standard" projects in Logic or Logic Express. I use these every day, as all of my voiceover projects start the same way - with a couple of tracks for voice set up with my preferred VO channel settings, plus empty tracks for both audio loops and software instruments. Working with templates is much faster than creating an "empty" project each time and selecting your channel settings for each individual channel:

    First, set up an empty project in Logic. Add the number of tracks (audio or software) that you intend to use. Add plugins or channel settings as you typically would:

    Under the File menu, select "Save as Template."

    I keep my templates saved to the default "Project Templates" folder.

    That's it. Now when you fire up Logic, you have the option of the new template you just created.

    Now, taking it a step further... If you are a MobileMe subscriber, you can also back up your templates and channel strip settings to your MobileMe account. I use this because I have two Mac's - one that sits in the studio at home, and a MacBook that travels with me for an occasional on-location recording. Using MobileMe, when I change a channel strip setting in the studio, I can replicate the setting exactly on my MacBook (and vice versa). It's also helpful if I accidentally delete a setting in Logic; I can recover it with a simple download.

    Just go to Preferences -> Sharing, and the following box will pop up:

    Check the boxes under "MobileMe" and Logic will automatically create a folder on your MobileMe Public iDisk folder called "MusicAudioData." This folder will contain subfolders for the options you've elected to share...
    David Swinehart

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    Wink Logic templates by WaaSoundLab

    You may like the royalty-free Logic templates published by WaaSoundLab:

    Easy, affordable, instant download...

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